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Upcoming Webinars

That's now 2 weeks we are staying home in Luxembourg to flatten the curve and prevent COVID-19 to spread. At Smile, especially in the Innovation Squad, we are already the rest of the year a remote team expect we are working in clusters of 2-3 peoples together on different agencies or remote sites. The only change now is we're staying home and are a little bit more alone.

To fight the growing feeling of disconnection and loneliness (which is perfectly normal to feel), Smile thought giving one webinar every day could be a fun idea. At 1:30 pm, every day, a Smile expert will tell you during 15min about an interesting topic.

In this spirit, I'm giving four 15 min lightning talk: one about AI and 3 about blockchain. It will be in French but we can arrange some English-speaking session if people want it.

If you're interested, just heads up on the registration page to secure your seat, it's 💯% free!