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Rebuilding my Portfolio Serie

A couple of years ago, I signed up on, joining the promised of a platform focused on content and promoting the writers. The promise is still strongly held I think, but a lot of issues surface as the company struggle with securing a recurring income. They introduce a lot of annoying modal boxes, limiting users to 3 stories per days (which I find fair, to be honest), etc.

So, I still love the platform for the good people on it producing really interesting content (even is the recommendation engine suck BIG TIME), but it's become not what I want for my online presence as a professional. Not for my main source of presence. For writing some publication as I do for Smile with Smile's Innovation, it's perfect; but not for representing me online.

That's why I decide to migrate back my content to something I own.

Follow me in that process 😉.

  1. Choosing your stack
  2. Migrating content from Medium
  3. Deploying JAMStack (spoilers)