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Upcoming talk to 🇱🇺 JS Meetup: JAMStack

You probably heard of it; there’s this movement of people saying obvious things like « bare HTML and CSS are faster than your CMS » or using adjectives like « blazing fast ». Ok, but what’s the JAMStack except for Javascript, API, and Mark-up? What are the advantages? Why it changes the paradigm of a lot our website creation process for the past ten years, and how to embrace it super quickly?

In this talk, we’ll quickly go through the 101 of JAMStack, see there’s nothing to fear about what you can do with JAMStack, and how you can transition from your present architecture sleekly. I’ll paint a swift and not exhaustive picture of the ecosystem you may want to look at to start.

Register to the Meetup page to attends the online event (FREE)