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How much I gonna pay that iPhone 14 at POST ?

Every year time Apple is releasing a new set of iPhones, my cell operator is listing them, alongside with incentives that seems too good to be true to enjoy. And we are use to it now, marketing is, most of the time, deceptive. We promise you a bargain but we make money on you. The pinnacle of it being dropshipping.

But let’s get back to POST. Years ago, I start publishing a Google Sheet to see if it worth it to buy an iPhone though POST or if it’s better to buy it aside. At that time, it was clear POST was making money on your back, selling you 2 years contracts and options that will makes you pay more than the price you would by hacking a contract without phone and buying it from Apple.

Last year, I improved my calculation, taking into account my current plan. The idea behind it is to know if it worth to change contract as well as buying the phone, and how much I’ll gonna pay for this change (phone + contract over the length of the contract + financing option). With the fact that, my plan is okay right now for my need, so the change would be just to help me finance the phone. Downgrading would make me needing to be more data consuming conscious,.

The sheet

So I made a Google Sheet for iPhone 14 pro and iPhone 14 pro max (not iPhone 14 nor iPhone plus since I didn’t found them sold by POST, but I may didn’t searched a lot I confess).

See the Google Sheet

How to use it?

  1. Copy it into your drive
  2. On the « My current plan » tab, change the
    cell, by entering your current monthly payment for your contract.
  3. Browse the tabs, depending on which model and storage you want.

What did I learned?

POST public retail price of iPhone are overpriced (a little)

First of all, POST have a retail price for iPhones that are a bit more expensive than Apple. I’m talking about the price they say the phone cost. To me it’s a false advertising to say « this was the price and we are selling it now this much » since the « former price » is decided by yourself and is not the manufacturer retail price.

POST wants me to commit

Second is, POST sell all those phones at FUCKING LOST just to have me engaged for 12 months (or more). If I’m going for a XS plan (well Ill not be able to enjoy much my phone over cellular but 🤷🏻‍♂️), it gonna cost me 921,12€ for an iPhone 14 Pro 128Gb.

  • 1089 € for a phone of a public retail price of 1 285,07 €
  • 29€ * 12 month of plan
  • 0€ of financing option
  • -42,99€ * 12 month of my current plan.

If I’m willing to commit to 24 months, it gonna even cost me only 653,24 €, whatever the financing option I’m choosing (none or any of it).

POST client acquisition / retention cost is 483 €

That’s the max saving I can make on a phone, without changing my plan size, for a 24month commitment.

That’s for an iPhone 14 Pro 512Gb.

POST is fair

I was very pleased to observe that, whatever you’re using the financing option or not, you’ll not pay more money! That’s true. 0% interest! That’s really something we can appreciate as consumer those days.

The only exception, which I believe an error in their pricing since it’s happening only in that specific configuration, is for an iPhone 14 Pro 128Gb with an XL or Max contract, it gonna cost you respectively 61€ and 111€ more choosing the 25€/month financing instead of any other options, for a 24 month commitment.

That’s not the case for an iPhone 14 Pro 256Gb, 512Gb, or any iPhone 14 Pro Max.

I took me several hours to craft this Google Sheet, so if you want to tip me for this, you can buy me a coffee!

Photo by Victor Carvalho on Unsplash