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Covid Tracker Customer Registry Update

That's a while now I didn't post about the project but, behind the scene, I worked on the last bits that was missing in the app.


If the automation still can be done with Zapier, I wanted a FREE option to do so. So the app can be 100% FREE if some venues want to use it but can't afford putting money in a solution. That's why I removed, for now, the email notification and wrap everything into Google App Script function.

I planned to add a bit of code to use G.A.S. email notification service (but it would mostly go through your Google Account used for setting up the sheet & the scripts). Not perfect but will still free to use.


I shoot and edited a 10min video to show in detail how all of this work. That was a necessary step if I wanted to push my app into the Glide Marketplace. Now waiting for their approval (I hope so 😁). It offer the app also free of charge through their marketplace.

If video is not your thing, I put also online a help center with everything to know about the app, how-to and some extra ressources. That's the place I'll add content if some questions received worth sharing.

Support my work

First, I offer to setup the app for you and have a 30min video call with you to demonstrate how to use the app. If you're uneasy doing all the installation by yourself, it can be a good option to have the app for just 100€ and support me at the same time. I'll be more than happy to share with you some extra stuff for free as well πŸ˜ƒ

Another option is to use my buy me a coffee page which will give you access to some exclusive content, not just for this app πŸ˜ƒ